How we do it

We don't just give you the background to how the media works. All our training courses are highly interactive and use experienced camera technicians to replicate a live media environment, at a venue that suits you. You may prefer personal one-to-one guidance or perhaps a briefing session for a small group fits your bill? We'll put together a programme that meets your requirements and fits in with your timetable, all within a highly competitive rate. There's no substitute for experience so all our courses include lots of practical exercises that put you through a range of different interview situations with experienced journalist Louise Goodman. We'll give you skills that help you cope with tricky interviews and teach you how to avoid mistakes. Our interactive sessions also help you to present with flair and speak successfully in public. You’ll learn how to make an impact with your content and style and how to control your nerves.  

Maximise Opportunities

Goodman Media teaches you how to make your contact with media and sponsors a more worthwhile and productive experience. more

Build Confidence

We'll give you the confidence to convey your personality and make the most of your individual qualities. more

Make an Impact

Impressions count in the commercial world. We'll help you to make an impact with sponsors and the public..more

Damon Hill1996 F1 World Champion

Media training is essential for any person in the public eye. Louise Goodman has years of working in the very high profile and fast moving world of Formula One. In that time, she has learned many useful lessons and tips which will prove invaluable to anyone who wants to project themselves effectively to the media

Tim HarveyDirector - BRDC Superstars

To be successful a racing driver needs to understand how the media works and know how to present themselves in a professional manner, so Louise's training sessions are an important part of the coaching programme that we provide for the BRDC Superstars

Mark WebberRed Bull F1 Driver

It's a no-brainer that working with the press is a huge part of being a driver, especially at Formula One level. Understanding how the media operate and learning how to work with them is essential if you want to make it to the top of your game.

Martin BrundleTV commentator and ex-F1 driver

Louise has been at the very heart this business for many years; she knows the sport and exactly how the media operates within it. Such experience is invaluable for anybody looking to learn some important lessons